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Sarasa Cotton Fabric Gold/Brown/Taupe


Sarasa Fabric from Olympus manufacturing in Japan. it is 100% cotton. Order in 1/4 meter increments (10"x44"). To order 1/2 meter order 2, for 3/4 meter order 3 units, and so on. The fabric will be sent in one continuous piece.

Sarasa is the Japanese term for calico cotton fabrics, which were imported to Japan by Portuguese Sea Traders. By the early 1600's Japan began to manufacture their own Sarasa fabrics and export them to France. The colors and designs used in this Olympus Sarasa cotton fabric are inspired by those imported fabrics.  This fabric was produced by combining traditional Japanese weaving and dyeing methods with today's technology, to creating high quality colorfast fabric with earthy plant dye colors, Minimal shrinkage and machine washable.

Easy to hand stitch with sashiko thread, the surface is smooth but with an open enough grain that you can see it.  Use is alone or add it to your boro projects.

The early Sarasa (calico) fabric designs were enormously popular with the Samuri and merchant classes, but because the fabric was high priced, it was used to make small items like tea cozies and small purses. Later as production became cheaper, it was made into kimonos and hangings.