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Sashiko Coasters


 Sashiko Coaster Collection.  Kofu Tsumugi fabric is printed with five traditional sashiko designs. Simply thread your sashiko needle with sashiko thread and stitch over the printed dashed lines. When you are finished stitching, rinse away the dashed lines, press, and hem to make 5 - 4" square coasters.  Or, you could use these 4" sashiko squares to add small sashiko stitched blocks to another project.

Choose from 5 colors: black, navy, deep red, gray purple, or gold

This distinctive looking Japanese tsumugi fabric is manufactured by Olympus Japan. Their fabrics are high quality, colorfast, washable, and lovely to work with. 

You will also need sashiko needles and a 20 meter skein of sashiko thread. 

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