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Preprinted Sashiko Fabric on the Bolt


This mid weight 100% cotton twill from Olympus is still my favorite of all the available sashiko ready to stitch preprinted fabrics for making table linens, bags, or anything that will benefit from a fabric with a firmer hand.  It is easy to pull your needle through, washes well and keeps its body. 

Available in 1/2 meter increments. Your order will be sent in one continuous piece. Order 1 unit for 1/2 meter (19 1/2"),  2 units for 1 meter and so one. Fabric is 42" wide. Choose size when placing your order.

This navy cotton fabric is marked with 6 dots per inch. You are meant to use the dots like grid to create your own sashiko design. You can pre mark your stitches using and wash away fabric marker. Any dots you don't use will wash away cleanly, as will the ones you do use :-)

NOTE: Please don't get the fabric damp before you have finished stitching, and do not iron it before washing the print out as heat may set the markings.

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