Sashiko Stitching Fabrics, Plain & Preprinted Yardage

Sashiko preprinted fabrics have a sashiko design printed on them in wash away ink. You can just thread your sashiko needle with some sashiko thread and start stitching. When you finished stitching, the printed markings will wash away completely.

Plain fabrics for sashiko stitching are natural fabrics (cotton, hemp, linen) which have a loose enough weave to allow the thick sashiko needle and sashiko threads to pass through easily. The advantage in using plain fabrics is that you have a wide range of fabric colours, textures, and sashiko designs to choose from for your project.

All of the fabrics here will have minimal to no shrinkage, and can be machine washed and dried on gentle heat.  These fabrics are all colourfast, their colour will not fade or rub off on other fabrics or threads.