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Sashiko Kit - Tote Bag


This sashiko tote bag kit a makes a 10 1/2" x 12 3/4 inch tote bag with asa-no-ha (flax leaf) sashiko designs printed onto the fabric.  It has the sashiko design printed on it in wash away print so you can just thread you needle with the sashiko thread and needle provided and start stitching. The kit includes a sashiko needle, leather sashiko thimble, and enough thread to complete the stitching.

I really like these pre sewn Olympus sashiko kits. They've used a good mid-weight 100% cotton fabric and any seams and zippers are well finished. I've made quite a few of them and there has always been enough thread with the kit. They are machine wash and dry. See tips below for more.

TIPS: When sashiko stitching, always leave a bit of slack thread on the back wherever you carry a thread from one place to another, also leave a tiny loop of thread when you turn a corner. Sashiko thread plumps up and gets prettier when washed BUT you don't want it to pull your design. This slack thread on the back will allow for shrinkage in the thread as the project is stitched and later washed and dried. For more on this click on How to Sashiko Stitch at the bottom of this page)

If you find the thick sashiko thread too hard to pull through, you can thin it by pulling a few strands out. Although sashiko thread is meant to be used as it comes, some people do find the thread in these kits a bit too thick. Alternatively you could use our regular sashiko Olympus threads which are not as thick as the ones in these Olympus kits.