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Vintage Metal Clasp Purse Frame


This metal clasp frame has a detail I haven't seen before, you can see your fabric through the open areas in the metal design of the frame! Nice feature! It also has places for attaching a chain or small swivel clip strap. Oh, and yes, it is the same one both sides, including the little rhinestones :-)

Very vintage looking, it's an ideal setting for showing off cross stitch, embroidery, beading, or beautiful fabrics, handmade or otherwise. I can't help thinking it would be perfect for a bride or her bridesmaids to carry.

Measures 16 cm (about 6 1/2")

How to use: The frame has removable plates on the inside top which you take out, then place your sewn fabric edge into the top frame area. (I would glue the fabric in place)  Replace the metal plates and use the 5 tiny screws on each side to clamp the pieces tight and hold your fabric in place.  NOTE: There is no pattern with the frame so you will need to draw your own- this is easy and Pinterest has many many free how to's for doing it.


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