Thread Cutting Snips


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These 4 1/4" very sharp metal snips are easier to pick up, snip, and drop than small scissors because you don't have to insert your fingers into the holes to use them. They pop open on their own, you use finger pressure to close them to snip through threads.

Especially if you have swollen thumb knuckles that make small scissors  difficult to remove, or if you have large hands, you will love these! 

These thread snips are suitable for sashiko stitching, boro stitching, hand sewing, and visible mending projects. Also needle punch, rug hooking, and many other textile arts.

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Note: They don't work well for cutting fabric. Scissor blades are parallel to each other while these blades are angled. It's an excellent design for cutting through threads, but binds on cloth.

Metal, high quality precision made with excellent sharp cutting edge. 

They are manufactured by The Zhang Xiaoquan, a quality scissor company founded in the first year of the Ming dynasty AD 1628.  

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