Made Project Samples: Bags & Sashiko

It's 'taking coals to Newgate' to put finished items for sale on a website intended for makers!  But I try to sew and stitch samples of the things I sell as much as possible so I can have opinions about the quality of the materials. ( I'm sure you have noticed through out the website that I do like to have opinions! :-D)

And those samples?  They accumulate!

So I'm putting some of them for sale here. Things to know about them? They are handmade and they may have hung at sewing shows (I can bet lots of you will recognise some of them :-)) Others will have been made and photographed and then lived in box until now.

I know that there is no reason for makers to buy what we can make, but maybe send a friend who doesn't sew a link to this page for me?