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Sashiko Cloth Rabbits

QH Textiles

Sashiko design by Hitomi Fujita, 100% cotton cloth, hand printed in Japan. These rabbits hold a Temari ball between them. The design will wash away completely after you have done the stitching... please don't get it damp before that! :-D

This design is printed 12" x 12" square on 13 1/2" x  26" cloth, with english instructions printed onto the back. You fold the cloth in half so that you will be stitching through two layers of cloth and your finished project will be approx. 12" x 12".  All of the print washes away completely when you have finished your stitching.

Notes: I recommend using one of the smaller, thinner sashiko needles for the QH Textile sashiko designs as the weave is a bit tighter than the Olympus sashiko cloths. (Hiroshima Tulip or Clover short sashiko needles) 

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