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Cherry Blossoms & Lucky Threes Table Mat Kit - Good Beginner Kit

Alderspring Design

This sashiko kit now contains everything you need for the project. It's a good kit for first time sashiko stitchers who want to learn to transfer the design to fabric for themselves. Note: color is white thread on blue fabric. The direction-of-stitching lines are marked on the lucky threes design, and the stitch lines are marked as dashed lines on the cherry blossoms.

The instructions were written for first time stitchers (or people who have only stitched pre printed sashiko fabrics and are ready to go further :-) 

The stitched area of this table mat kit is 10 3/4" by 14 1/2". If you want a larger mat, adding a border in a different fabric is a nice option. 

The kit includes enough fabric for front and back of the table mat, fusible fabric for putting the design on the fabric, already quilted batting for the filling layer, 20 meters of white sashiko thread and a package of 2 sashiko needles. Also instructions for how to do sashiko stitching, how to transfer the design to your fabric, and tips for making your stitching better. The pattern is full size, and there are instructions for making your stitched fabric into a simple table mat. 

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