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Clear Blue Indigo Dyed Ramie Fabric

$30.99 CAD

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This is an unusual and special piece of fabric. I found it while searching for a Ramie fabric supplier and bought a small amount o see what we think of it :-) 

It is 100 % ramie and has been hand woven and then hand dyed in natural indigo. It has beautiful sheen and bounce, and the selvedge edges show plainly that it is handwoven (see photos). I cannot imagine using this for something that did not keep the selvedge intact and visible.

I soaked it to see if it would loose colour, the water remained clear and no colour rubs off, so the dyer knew what s/he was doing. There was a small amount of shrink but the feel and look of the fabric was unchanged.

The weave is loose enough to allow light through, the feel of the cloth is smooth and very crisp.  I can crease it along the grainline easily with my fingers (see photo).

 I would be inclined to use this fabric for a wall hanging to stitch or applique on, or for other projects where the beautiful colour and sheen will be on display.

Size:  23" wide, sold by 1/2 meter (19.5") Put 1 in the order box to receive 1/2 meter length, if you want to order a full  meter put 2 in the order box. The fabric will be sent in one uncut piece.