Hitome-zashi (One Stitch Sashiko)

One stitch sashiko designs (Hitomezashi) are as easy and relaxing as regular sashiko stitching. You simply thread your needle with some sashiko thread and stitch over the printed markings from one edge of the fabric to the other. When you have finished, soak and rinse the markings away. Directions are in Japanese with good diagrams.

This blog may be useful: What is Hitomezashi & how to do it

Sashiko Weaving: These begin in the same way as hitomezashi sashiko, building the design in single stitches across the fabric. An additional step weaves threads under those stitches to create depth and texture. Also with Japanese instructions but I've put links to how-to blogs with each design.

These 12" x 12" cotton fabrics can be hemmed and used as they are, or used for cushions, quilt blocks, and as fabric in other sewing projects.

Wash in warm water, dry on gentle heat cycle.