Hitome-sashi (one stitch sashiko)

Kuguri-Sashi, Chidori

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Kuguri-sashi is a two step stitching technique that creates a beautiful textured pattern. The first step is to stitch a hitome-sashi pattern (one stitch sashiko), the second is to weave under those stitches with your needle and thread.  Kuguri-sashiko is sometimes called 'sashiko and weaving'. 

I like this process of weaving an additional thread under the stitched threads. It adds another layer of peaceful meditative movement to the process of sashiko stitching these useful small cloths.  It also deepens the texture of the cloth so that as it is washed and dried it becomes increasingly interesting.  

 You will need 4 skeins Olympus 20 meter sashiko thread for this Yabane pattern.

The instructions for individual patterns are in Japanese with good diagrams, plus Olympus has provided general 'how to' do Kuguri-Sashi  in English.  

100% cotton fabric.  The fabric is 13" x 24" and you are meant to fold the unprinted fabric part behind the printed side and stitch through both layers.  The finished piece will be 12" X 12". Hem and use it alone, or sew into another project.

The print washes away completely so please do not get the fabric damp before you are finished stitching! Also do not iron before you are finished and have washed out the printed markings. Heat may set them.