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Piecing, Basting, Quilting Needles, Tulip Hiroshima

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Hiroshima Tulip needles are flexible, polished, warp resistant needles with well cut eyes to make threading easier. These needles pass through fabric smoothly. They come in a glass tube keeper with a corked top.  This is hand sewing love! 

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#8 Piecing Needles - 6 in tube 0.61x37 mm

Long/Regular Basting Needles - 6 in tube (3 each of 0.59x48 mm and .61 X 45mm)

#8, #9, #10, #12 Quilting needles - 6 in tube (2 each of #9, #10) These are very tiny!

Just a note about personal choice, and about older eyes and hands. I can't use needles as small as these, so I simply do my piecing, basting, quilting and hand sewing with bigger needles, usually the smaller sashiko needles. The dyed yarn fabric weave lets the bigger needles pass through easily.  Doesn't work so well for tightly woven fabics of course, especially for applique, but I solve that by not trying to do precise work on tight fabrics!😂


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