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Meboso Needles, Light to Medium Set

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This Meboso Needle Set contains 8 needles in 4 different lengths for hand sewing light to medium weight cloth (cotton, silk, crepe, and other delicate fabrics). They come beautifully packaged in a limited edition paper board tube created by Aichi Shikan Seizosho and a hand tied silk tassel from kanagawa.

 Meboso needles have been manufactured in Kanazawa for over 430 years.  Meboso  needles are polished vertically and it is this extra step in manufacturing that makes them special. Vertical polishing lets the needle slide through cloth with less resistance, making for less fatigue on the stitcher's fingers.

The needles have a sturdy weight and precise, sharp point.  The eyes are carefully polished and slightly elongated to make threading easier.

Meboso needles have been manufactured in Kanazawa for over 430 years. In the early history of the cities textile industry, seamstresses made little bags or pendants to keep their valuable needles safe and sharp.  This was the inspiration for Cohana's beautiful packaging of this set of needles.

Size of needles:

Shinoichi Length 33.3 mm
Thickness 0.56 mm
Shinoji Length 36.4 mm
Thickness 0.56 mm
Shinosan Length 39.4 mm
Thickness 0.56 mm
Sannoji Length 36.4 mm
Thickness 0.71 mm