Wash out Grid Fabric- 3mm interval - for Sashiko Designing


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100% cotton fabric has tiny wash-away dots printed on it for you to use as a graph for drawing out sashiko and sashiko hitome-zashi designs. After you have stitched your design the printed dots will wash away in warm water.  The printed area is 12" x 12" and comes with another 12" unprinted area which you are meant to fold to the back so that you will be stitching through two fabric layers. 

Important notes: Do not iron this fabric before you have finished your stitching as the heat may make the marks permanent. Do not get the fabric damp as the marks will dissolve with moisture.

If you draw your design with an iron away marker you must wait until you have finished the stitching before ironing away your drawn marks. If you use a wash away marker, the same applies. Wait until you are finished all the stitching before you try to remove your drawn marks.

Choose colour when ordering: Pale Grey, Sage and Navy Blue

Sashiko+Color is an excellent book for learning hitome-sashi, and contains 23 small projects to inspire and guide you.

Suggested threads are our Daruma sashiko thread on cards, or the Olympus this sashiko thread on balls. Amount needed will depend on your design.

See  5mm Grid fabric with multiple colour choices here.

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