100 Women Fabric


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This fabric is fun for fabric artists!  It is simply line drawn women on a  25 3/4" by 20 1/2" cotton fabric. You can embroider them (there are actually instructions for that in the package) or stitch, paint, or applique, or combine multiple techniques.  

After that, you could the fabric to make into, well, into all sorts of things! Sew cushions or bags, add them to your visible mending project or daily stitching practice, or in a fabric journal. 

Choose smokey blue, white or pale grey colour.

Designed and developed by Kazue Nakajimi of Quilts 1989

  • Size: 15-3/4in x 20-1/2in
  • Made of: 100% Cotton
  • Use: Multi Craft / Embroidery Blank
  • Cloth is 228 grams per sq. meter

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