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Boro Fabric Pack, Small Pieces

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I hand cut these for Boro stitching projects, but you could use them for applique, or small piecing projects. 

They are 100% cotton, Japanese Olympus Sarasa,  Japanese Kokka, and Olympus solid momen fabrics.  You can feel the quality of the cotton these are made from, and the texture will remind you of old fashioned cotton fabrics, slightly rough with a looser weave, perfect for hand stitching. Pieces may vary slightly from ones shows but will be the same quality, and similar in colour, texture. 

These are colourfast, machine wash and dry, but you should take them out of the dryer before they are completely dry because hot dry air is so hard on cotton fibres.

You don't need to prewash.

I've included a photo here of a piece I stitched onto momen fabric without pre-washing, then put through the washer and dryer.  I wanted that 'quilt-y look', but pre washing would almost eliminate it. It is your choice :-) 

These are 66+ grams per pack (about 1/4 meter), and hand cut about 4" - 5" square. If any are smaller it will be only one or two. The hand cutting gives you the irregular look appropriate for boro.  Don't hesitate to cut the pieces smaller yourself if you need smaller :-)

This fabric is also available cut from the bolt. Look in the top menu for Fabrics, then in the drop down for Sarasa. The wagara kasuri and Tsumugi fabrics, as well as the dyed yarn fabrics, will combine well with sarasa fabrics. 

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