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Yellow Bird Kit


Awesome quality kits! You stitch up these charming characters from what is in the box. It has everything you need including excellent directions. The wool felt is real wool, and so is the wool stuffing.

I made the lion, and though it says she is a level 3 kit, the directions were so complete I think any confident sewist could make her. But if you are unsure, the kits are graded in three levels: Penguin and Yellow Bird are level 1, Fox and Owl are level 2, Lion and Raccoon are level 3.

A Note about shipping: I will ship these with the box folded flat to make shipping less expensive.  You can refold the box and pack the kit back inside if it is going to be a gift. The box is 4" tall assembled and that would push shipping costs way up. How does that work, you wonder? This website is connected to Canada Post and their rates are based on size plus weight :-)