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Crazy Quilt Stitches Booklet


This is a handy laminated fold out booklet with 5 panels of crazy quilt stitches, starting with easier ones and progressing to some more complex stitches.  Use these stitches to strengthen seams, add decorative detail, or to build your own designs!  

An excellent addition to your visible mending stitching skills!

Choosing Thread

The thread shown in the picture here is Olympus THIN sashiko thread. You want to choose your thread to suit your fabrics. This thread will be nice with smooth cottons. The Olympus 20 meter sashiko skeins are great with wool fabrics. I think the Cosmo sashiko thread will be best on medium to heavier weight fabrics- twills, denims, canvas. For fine fabrics like silk I would look for a silk thread.