Round Sewing Kit Pattern


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The pattern for this nicely padded 4 1/2" x 1 1/2" round sewing kit has step by step photographs. Don't be afraid of the round shape and zipper details, the directions are for easy methods for sewing both, but please note they involve hand sewing! In fact you can, if you like, sew the entire project by hand :-)

  • The zipper opens all the way around to a fabric hinge so the kit opens flat for easy access (no digging for things)
  • There are magnets hidden between the fabric layers on one side to grab and hold your small scissors secure.
  • A removable pins and needles pad fits over the scissors providing them with  protection. 
  • On the other side there is room for two or three spools of sewing thread.    Threaded on ribbon which attached with a small safety pin, you can pull the thread from them without removing the spool which means no more misplaced thread!

You can but sew-in magnets on this website. 

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