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Sakizome-momen Hand Stitching Fabric

Olympus, Japan

Easy to hand stitch, this 100% cotton cloth fabric reminds me of 'old fashioned' cotton fabrics and will be classic used for modern embroidery projects and visible mending. Also beautiful for sashiko,  boro, and zakka sewing project.  Medium light weight with a slight texture, the weave will let even thick needles and threads pass through easily while not letting threads on the back show through to the front. They will take your hand stitching up a level!  Size: 35cm x 50cm 

Choose colour when you order: Oatmeal, Light Brown Sand, Grey Sand

What is Sakizome-momen cloth?

Sakizome-momen means dyed yarn cotton, meaning the yarn (threads) it is made from are dyed before the cloth is woven. This is the only way to get the interesting colour variation, plus it means the colour is embedded right through the cloth, not only on the surface. This fabric is made in Japan for Olympus and meets their consistently high quality standards for fabrics. 

Machine washable. Colourfast.