Boro Stitching & Visible Mending

Embroidery Cloth, 55% Hemp 45% Cotton


This Hemp/Cotton fabric is perfect for modern embroidery and stitching projects. Also for boro, visible mending, slow stitching, and meditative stitching projects.  It is a firm fabric, but the weave is open enough to allow for even large needles to pass through easily, so if like me, you prefer to do your stitching with big eye sashiko needle, you can! I'm sure small needles work fine too 😀

This fabric will be nice stitched with any thickness of thread, the surface is smooth enough to show off thin threads, and the fabric is strong enough to handle lots of texture and thickness. It is a creamy off white colour with a smooth surface and visible weave.

Size: 20" X 58"  Machine washable.