Visible Mending & Boro

Cotton thread for Sashiko & Boro Mending

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If you enjoy raw unbleached natural fibres and the look of vintage stitching, you will enjoy this off-white cotton sashiko thread.   It is unbleached and you may find tiny (brown) specks of cotton seed caught in the fibres which add to its natural beauty and texture. It is quite strong and has a rougher texture than most sashiko threads, but is similar in thickness to the Olympus 100 meter sashiko thread skeins.

  • Suitable for sashiko stitching, visible mending, boro stitching and textile art projects.
  • 6 stand sashiko thread (similar in thickness to the 100 meter Olympus sashiko thread skeins).  It is quite strong, the fibres are twisted together and the strands cannot be separated.
  • Dyeable. The natural cotton colour will make a good base for deepening your dye colour but you will need to prepare this thread by 'scouring' to get good colour absorption.  (If you want to skip the scouring step, or want bright colours look for the Daruma prepared for dye (PFD) bright white yarn on this site)