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Yoko Saito Through the Years


This is a collectors book documenting Yoko Saito's artistic journey with photography that lets you see every tiny stitch and texture. If you are a fan of Yoko Saito's work, you'll pick up this book for a quick look and find yourself still immersed an hour later. Her work is so layered, and every design element is so beautifully executed that the longer you look at it, the more you want to continue to look. This is art; when the longer you spend with the object, the more you find in it to experience. 

The book contains an essay by Yoko Saito called "my quilting journey" as well as brief details about each piece shown in it. There are many close up photographs which allow you to study how the color choices, fussy cutting, layering, and stitching techniques combine.

Hardback book measures 26cm x 22cm

Publisher: Martingale

144 pages