Kogin Stitching, 18 Count Taupe Grey Cloth


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Olympus Kogin Cloth is a smooth, strong, even weave fabric perfect for Kogin stitching and for any counted stitching projects.   It is a firm even weave fabric with sizing for easier handling while you stitch. The texture is a cross between fabric and canvas. 

  • Available in 8 colours, this listing is for the taupe gray colour. (The manufacturer calls this gray, it is a warm brown gray that I would call deep beige. In the photo it is the 3rd fabric down on the right)
  • 18 count cotton fabric for Kogin stitching
  • Size: 44cm X 50cm (17" x 19")
  • This fabric is also suitable for other counted thread stitching (needlepoint, cross stitching...)

 Kogin needles, Kogin threads, Kogin kits & books are also available on this website

Note for beginners: the number on the fabric refers to the number of threads per inch. 24 count would be quite small holes for stitching through, while 16 is open enough to need thicker thread to fill the holes. So rather like in the Goldilocks story, 18 count is 'just right' for starting, and many of us will continue to prefer it :-)

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