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A Little Bit About Symbolism in Sashiko

How does symbolism in design happen?

...I think its likely that women doing this stitching found it more interesting if they based the designs on things that had meaning for them. This would account for why designs that represent the sea and fishing are found on the coastal fishing peoples clothing (diamond waves for example) and designs having to do with crops (plowed fields, windblown grasses) are found on the clothing of the inland farming peoples.

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May 30, 2016

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Sashiko Stitching as an Embellishment on Handbags

pieced bag

I use sashiko thread and stitch a few random lines on prints and plain fabrics quite often just to add texture and interest. The thing to remember when doing it is to make your stitches – I know you know the rest of this sentence! -

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Things You Can Do with the Pre Printed Flax Leaf Sashiko Design

sashiko hexagons pre printed fabric
...so I guess it will be no surprise that after I got over my initial dislike of the idea of having the stitching design already decided and on the fabric, I started looking for what else I could do with them :-D View full article →

Things You Can Do with the Pre Printed Sashiko Linked Circles Design


Linked Circles Sashiko Design, Partial Stitching

There are multiple designs that can be stitched from the linked circles sashiko pre printed fabric by stitching some lines and washing the rest away...

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About Ready to Stitch Pre Printed Sashiko Designs

 sashiko design pre printed on fabric ready for stitching

Pre printed sashiko fabric refers to fabrics that have been printed with wash away sashiko designs so that you can skip the transfer part, and go straight to sashiko stitching.

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April 18, 2016

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A Bit of Sashiko History

sashiko stitched cotton fabric

Wonder about the fabric sashiko was originally stitched on,
and how the designs were transferred to the cloth?

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March 14, 2016

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How To Sashiko Stitch

sashiko short runner

Never done sashiko stitching? Start with this quick how to. Sashiko is very easy to learn, and rather addictive once you start :-)

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