Why Giving What We Make Matters (More)

By Susan Fletcher
making matters
Is there anyone out there? This covid isolation and anxiety just keeps getting deeper, doesn't it?
(Holding onto the creative light!)
But I'm still here, and you are too.
And we are still making things, which proves we are here, since what we make can only exist if we do.
And we are giving the things we make to other people, proving to them they are in the thoughts of someone else; therefore they also exist. 
We might need a vaccine to beat covid, but we can beat isolation with our creative hands and hearts.
In this second wave of covid, I decided what I could do is to have a month of sales to encourage the making of gifts for the holidays.
Please make, and give things you make to family, to friends, and to anyone you know is alone (or might feel alone) right now.
When we give things we make to other people, we prove to them they are in the thoughts of someone else, therefore they are alive and connected, and they matter.
Giving handmade gifts has always mattered, but with all the isolation covid is causing, this year it matters more.
(Me, with a cushion my grand daughter made for me,
with help from her mom, when she was 3 or 4 :-)
Thinking of you as we stay covidly cautious and creatively courageous apart, together.
I will post this list on the homepage www.athreadedneedle.com but for your planning purposes here is my sale schedule. Some things will sell out quite quickly, I'm sorry for that :-) 
  • Dyed Yarn Fabrics 15% off
Now until Nov. 18 DYF15
  • Bag & Purse Making Supplies & Fabrics 25% off
Nov. 19 - Nov 23 BPMF25
  • Black Friday Weekend Sale. Look for the Black Friday Collection on the homepage Nov 26.
Nov. 26 - 29 20% off BFC20
  • Cyber Monday One Day Only
Nov 30 15% off Sashiko S15