Where sashiko stitches meet sashiko stitches, a few examples.

By Susan Fletcher
How to sashiko stitch

For those of you who would like to see 'how to' examples of some sashiko stitching details, this one I am writing for you :-)

Sample of vertical and horizontal lines crossing - the two stitches should be close but be careful not to catch your needle in the stitch - I  think this stitch is a little too close.

sashiko stitch vetical and horizontal intersection

This angle intersection is perfect for the flax leaf design where 6 lines will intersect and the center should stay empty.

If your stitches must meet on a curve as in this fishnet design, make them match on each curve the same way. In this case I tried to make one stitch sit between the two stitches above it.

sashiko stitches meeting at curves

Horizontal and vertical stitches meeting.  The eye is more comfortable if the stitch ends on another stitch rather than in the open space because this tells the brain it is a stopping point (like a period at the end of a sentence).

sasmple of sashiko stitching T intersection

I hope this was helpful. You can find a good chart for more on this at the bottom of any page on this website. 

Happy Stitching,