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Tutorial for Sashiko and Weaving: Hemp Leaf Design

This is a 'how to' for stitching the hemp leaf part of the Hemp leaf and Coin sashiko and weaving design. 

Sashiko and weaving projects use sashiko stitching to create a firm base of stitching through which other threads can be woven to create a textured design. 

You can buy the ready to stitch fabric and the threads and needles on this website.

The tutorial for stitching the coin part of the design is in this blog link.

Olympus pre printed fabric and materials for hemp leaf and coin design

I've used a lot of photographs for this design. I didn't find it the easiest design to figure out, so I hope the step by step photos will make it so you can see where to start and which thread to go under easily. 

Start by stitching the straight marked lines

Start by sashiko stitching the straight lines

Begin the weaving at one corner and weave through the last stitches on the edge. 

It's easier to use the needle eye end to pass your thread under the sashiko stitches.

weaving the first thread under the sashiko stitching

Take a stitch under the fabric and come up at the next line of sashiko stitching. Weave back to the bottom. Take a stitch under the fabric and come up at the next yellow stitch.


sashiko and weaving


sashiko and weaving

The thread colors you choose are up to you. You could stitch this in one color only, or try variegated thread colors. I used these colors to make it easy to see the steps.

Start the next part of the weaving from a bottom corner. If you notice the yellow sashiko stitches are in sets of threes (except the edge ones) - you are going to pass this thread under the center of the sets of three every time (agains except at the edge where you will use the outer yellow stitch.

weaving under sashiko stitches

When you reach the top take a stitch under the fabric and come up at the pre printed dot marked on the fabric. 

sashiko and weaving

Bring your needle out at the marked dot and then run that thread from the top to the bottom, straight down, under the yellow sashiko threads.

sashiko and weaving

zig zag weave back to the top

weaving and sashiko

Continue until finished. Below is half of the Olympus pre printed fabric. There are four circles linked together by the yellow sashiko stitching.

hemp leaf sashiko and weaving

I think this might make a nice front and back of a needle book.

The directions that come with this will say to wash gently in warm water and press gently but I washed this sample by squishing it about in hot water like I was cleaning out a rag, then I put it in the dryer until it was almost dry, then steam pressed it from the front. So all the stuff you think you shouldn't do to your hand stitched project! I did this because I wanted the fabric to tighten and the threads to shed the bit of fuzziness typical of sashiko threads. It creates a bit deeper texture and now I can just throw it in the washer after I sew it into something. But remember I left lots of looseness in my threads as I stitched - if you didn't you had better stick to the gentle gentle method of handling! :-D

Sashiko began as a functional stitching, and antique pieces of it get so much of their beauty from that they have been used and washed repeatedly, so I see no reason not to do the same with mine. But that doesn't mean you should treat yours like that! 

Happy Stitching everyday :-)

Talk to you again soon,


Susan Fletcher
Susan Fletcher


Owner A threaded Needle