Things you can stitch when you are home and desperate for things you can stitch!

By Susan Fletcher
Things you can stitch when you are home and desperate for things you can stitch!

LOL! I mean its kind of a playground for my wacky imagination isn't it? I'm just sitting here thinking about things around the house I can stitch on...

Tea towels are my favourite

kitche tea towels stitched with whimsical birds

They don't have to be new- stitch what you already have, why not? What is there to loose? It'll still dry the dishes! 

Or just make some tiny random sewn thingies from scraps, like this. You could use fabric from old shirts. Spring is coming. You must have some winter shirts about to, well, go the way of tired old winter shirts 😄(Or you can buy dyed yarn fabric, thats good too :-)

small pieced thing

But why stop with a little stitching when you could relieve hours of 'staying in you house with your family' stress by stitching the heck out of some scraps! Seriously, just overlap the pieces and stitch any old way you feel like. All that stabbing feels so good!  Dark fabrics and white thread are particularly satisfying for this!!

boro stitching

And when you are done, you could always make slippers or something...

boro slipper


boro stitched slippers

They don't even need to match.

After all, who will see them?  

So just stitch. Don't be defeated just because you can't go to a sewing store for supplies. You have all sorts of good things to stitch in your house! And don't be shy to try any crazy idea you have, you're in self isolation, when will there ever be a better time to find out what you can really do with a threaded needle?

(See what I did there? I think I'm clever now!)

sashiko stitching

But if you do need some supplies, my online store is open and I have lots of good stuff too :-D

Take Care, keep your sense of humour and keep on stitching!