A Threaded Needle - What is going on?

By Susan Fletcher
Yarn dyed fabrics and sashiko supplies,- new stock room

That is what I keep asking! What is going on? How can getting  resettled after a move take so long?

So many of you followed our move from the Sunshine Coast to Maple Ridge this spring, and offered the remark “It’s not an easy move, it’ll take time” but I really thought it would be easy!

Moving day boxes in the new stock room to be

We arrived, I posted “facebook” photos that looked like getting settled took about two weeks....and I thought I was sooo smart because I thought that was going to be true! 

Almost 3 months later I am finally admitting how much work there is to moving a house and a business after 18 years, from a house to a townhouse about half the size!

So although I don’t usually write blogs about myself, I thought  I would take this time to say thank you to all our customers for your patience and kind words of support as I blunder my way through the the process of resettling and getting the business  running smoothly again.

Here is where what happened here this week:


stock room to be

Became this

Painted stock room

This is 1/2 of the room, everything is stacked in the other half, so of course it all has to be moved to this side now, so I can paint and shelve the other side

But for a couple of hours it looked nice! And I was able to grab that time to fill orders ( that being conditional on my being able to get to things!) which I did today.

Tomorrow It will all become impossible again as I stack fabric bolts and bins of sashiko product so that I can paint the second side. 

Yarn dyed cotton fabrics