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Sashiko Stitching: leave some slack on the back!

If I come back to this again and again when explaining sashiko stitching  it is because it worries me! If you don't leave some slack thread on the back of your sashiko stitching the fabric will pucker, especially...

sashiko stitching sample

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About Sashiko Needles

I can't tell you that for certain which sashiko needle is best to use. It depends on a few variables.
I've listed some of these, and my thoughts about the needles we carry online, in this blog entry.
Sashiko Needles sashiko needlesSashiko Needles - Olympus brand and Clover brand
Sashiko needles are longer and thicker than the needles most of us use, and most have large eyes for threading thick cotton sashiko threads. 
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Hitomezashi Sashiko Stitching

Hitomezashi stitching is a type of sashiko stitching.  Both are made up of small straight stitches and both are used for mending and patching fabrics...kogin View full article →

How to boro stitch a patch

If you have been reading my Boro stitching bog posts, by now you may be want to try it out....boro sashiko stitching View full article →
September 07, 2017

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The future of Boro?

Hand stitching, no matter how basic, makes an object feel valuable. 

Understanding the roots, learning the techniques, then expanding the borders is how arts and crafts stay alive, thrive and grow...

boro stitching

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August 31, 2017

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How do you know it's Japanese Boro?

Although Boro is the Japanese name for a type of mending, stitching, reinforcing and extending the life of used fabric, every culture has this practice in it's history. Before cloth was mass producedboro sashiko Japanese country stitching View full article →

Boro Group on Facebook

Boro stitching is a type of sashiko stitching. I was just thinking about the Boro Facebook Group I belong to and what an inspiration they are...
 Boro Slippers
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