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Why leave some slack thread in your sashiko stitching?

Why leave some slack thread in your sashiko stitching?

You are putting a lot of thick sashiko thread between the warp and weft threads of the fabric as you stitch. This is going to make the fabric bunch up as the stitching gets more dense. It has too, the width of that thread is forcing the threads of the fabric to push up against each other closer and closer as your stitching progresses.

What to do?

Sashiko Stitching: Leave a loop of thread when you turn a corner

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Tutorial for Sashiko and Weaving: Hemp Leaf Design

Tutorial for stitching sashiko and weaving design

This blog will walk you through stitching the hemp leaf design. It is part of part of the Hemp Leaf and Coin design, a preprinted fabric kit by Olympus.

how to stitch hemp leaf and coin sashiko and weaving design

Sashiko and weaving projects use sashiko stitching to create a firm base of stitching through which other threads can be woven to create a textured design. 

Start by...

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What to do with those 12"x12" pre printed sashiko projects?

Many of us enjoy stitching the 12" x 12" ready to stitch preprinted sashiko sampler designs made by Olympus, Japan. We just aren't sure what they are for! Recently new ones came available and the header on them calls them Hana-fukin, so I looked it up.

Hana-fukin is the name for a useful household cloth.  It could be a tea towel or dish cloth, or a clean square of cloth to put under a meal, or use in the center of a table, or to cover a bowl of fruit or eggs, or to cover cooling cookies or cake....


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How to stitch an Olympus Sashiko Pre printed Sampler Kit

How to stitch your Olympus pre printed 12" sashiko sampler kit

pre printed sashiko kit

Here's what you do....

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Things You Can Do with the Pre Printed Flax Leaf Sashiko Design

sashiko hexagons pre printed fabric
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Things You Can Do with the Pre Printed Sashiko Linked Circles Design


Linked Circles Sashiko Design, Partial Stitching

There are multiple designs that can be stitched from the linked circles sashiko pre printed fabric by stitching some lines and washing the rest away...

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