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December 08, 2018

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Sashiko Stitched Furoshiki Wraps

Japanese furoshiki + sashiko stitching 

Here are four examples, all tied with the easiest furoshiki technique...

sashiko furoshiki wrapping

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February 22, 2018

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What is Broken Needle Day?

Broken Needle Day. It's a day for pausing to be mindful of how much our needles make possible for us.  It might sound a bit silly if you are not in love with hand stitching....but consider it a moment anyway...tulip hand sewing needles View full article →
November 23, 2017

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How to make this Japanese Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Holiday gift giving time is here and once more everyone who sews is delving deep into sewing stashes for ideas. And discovering pieces of fabric from years past...

Here is one way you could use some of it...

Here is how to make these gift wraps from a square of fabric and no sewing...

 furoshiki warp

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November 16, 2017

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What is Japanese Furoshiki Fabric Wrapping?

Functional, versatile, environmentally friendly, and culturally interesting, furoshiki refers to a fabric wrapping technique that can quickly turn a simple square of cloth into a bag, a wrapping for a gift, or a home decor covering using folds, twists and simple knots. Read more..Japanese furoshiki fabric wrapping egg bowl View full article →

How to boro stitch a patch

If you have been reading my Boro stitching bog posts, by now you may be want to try it out....boro sashiko stitching View full article →

A Sashiko Bathroom - and several ways to make purchased patterns 'your own'

There is no better way to get beauty and individual character into your home than by designing your own projects, but if you don't feel able to do that from scratch here are 5 ways...

sashiko and applique

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How I use sashiko - well, some of the ways, anyway!

I'm an addicted sashiko stitcher. It happens :-) 

I love the low tech, no equipment, nature of sashiko. I love the way it can be utilitarian or a work of art. I love the way it keeps me calm in a two hour wait for the the BC Ferry that is the only way to go from where I live to pretty much anywhere else!  But what to do with it all....

box of boro stitching


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Sashiko Group on Facebook

I can't think why I haven't introduced you to this group before now! If you are a sashiko stitcher, it's a great place to

sashiko cushion

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Boro Group on Facebook

Boro stitching is a type of sashiko stitching. I was just thinking about the Boro Facebook Group I belong to and what an inspiration they are...
 Boro Slippers
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