Snowman + Tea Towel + Wine Bottle = This Idea!

By Susan Fletcher
sashiko thread embroidery stitched gift wrap wine bottle

There is still time to do this 

If you have a tea towel and you stitch or sew, here is an idea for you:

Stitch or sew a border on a kitchen tea towel. If you are pushed for time, you might already have small pieces of stitching or piecework in your sewing box that could be applique stitched to the towel as a border. Or choose a simple design, no need for the amount of stitching I did on this one :-) 

The thing is to remember how much it means to people to be given something you made, even just a bit of stitching on a towel. Hand made just says more.

embroidery stitched snowman tea towel

Tip: keep the stitching a few inches above the bottom edge of the towel

wrapping a wine bottle with tea towel for gifting

Fold the towel to be about the height of the bottle you are wrapping. Then fold in the sides in so that the remaining width will just meet at the edges when wrapped around the bottle.

how to stitch the bottle up!

Once you have brought the edges together over the bottle, stitch the edges together.  I used a long overcast stitch because I wanted it to be obvious which threads should be cut to open the towel later...well, for that reason and because it is easy :-D

Stitch the bottom closed

I pulled the bottom together and overcast stitched it closed. I wanted the bottom to be secure so the bottle won't slip out, but I could have made it look prettier, I think. Make it as flat as you can if you want the gift to be able to stand upright.

stitch across the neck area for drawing the top closed

Done :-D

Give it to someone. Remember to tell them how to cut it open so that it turns back into a tea towel :-D  Also mention its machine washable or they'll be afraid to use it!

embroidery stitched tea towel wrapped gift bottle

This one has two sides:

finished stitched tea towel gift bottle wrap

Use a strong thread to make large running stitches around the bottle neck. Pull up snuggly and tie. You could do this part with a pretty ribbon instead.

Happy gift making and gift giving.

And though you could use this for any season, I'm writing this December 23, so very Happy Christmas,


Forgot to say, but you know anyway- there are tea towels, threads, patterns and so forth available on this website :-D