Sashiko Stitched Furoshiki Wraps

December 08, 2018

sashiko furoshiki fabric wraps

Japanese furoshiki + sashiko stitching = well that's a no brainer hey?

Here are four examples, all tied with the easiest furoshiki technique...

Starting with a box, set the box diagonally in the center of the square fabric and fold two opposite ends over the top of the box.  (You might use a safety pin to hold this snugly is place for now)  Next fold the other two corners over the top. Fold and tuck the wide edges of these ends under to make them tidy. Tie a firm knot with the tips of these two ends.  Note: The cloth in this photo was sashiko stitched in an X corner to corner on the navy fabric, then backed with a deep red fabric. 

If you are a sewist rather than a stitcher, you could stitch a narrow trim from corner to corner (cotton lace would look great!) ( Pattern for this wrap? Click here)

sashiko furoshiki

Below is the same technique wrapping a bowl

sashiko furoshiki wrap

If you are getting frustrated with the knots, or if your hands find trying fat tight knots painful, here is a good solution. After folding the first two sides over, bring the second two together and tie tightly with a ribbon.

sashiko wrap

One more with the knotted top.  You can see how the size of your square fabric is going to effect whether you will have a tight knot or "rabbit ears" at the top. It will also effect the length of the overlap of the first fold over. In the photo above you can see the red edge of the lining fabric, showing how it is long enough to fold right underneath the package.

sashiko furoshiki wrap

One more tip: You can make it easier to wrap irregular shaped objects by putting a square of cardboard on the cloth and putting your objects on it. This creates a firm base to help shape the cloth.

sashiko furoshiki gift wrapping

Happy sashiko stitching and happy furoshiki wrapping :-)
For more details how to make a furoshiki wrap for a wine bottle
What is furoshiki wrapping?

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