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Sashiko Group on Facebook

Sashiko: easy to learn and to do, but with such a lot of impact!

I can't think why I haven't introduced you to this group before now! If you are a sashiko stitcher, it's a great place to be inspired by what other people are stitching, and while they discourage any advertising by their members, it is one of the places I look to see what is new and what is available in sashiko supplies.  Once you have seen something there you can look for it on your favorite sashiko supply online store - A Threaded Needle, for instance! :-D


sashiko throw blanket

Sashiko, as you probably already know, is a Japanese quilting stitch, though many of us are using it like an embroidery stitch through only one layer of fabric now.  It is the most relaxing of stitching techniques, involving mostly long lines of running stitches gathered on a long needle and pulled through easy to hand stitch cottons and linens. Traditionally stitched on blue fabric with white cotton sashiko thread, but there are many many thread colors available now, and dark colors on off white flax or linen fabrics are as elegant as the timeless traditional white stitching on indigo blues.

sashiko cushion pattern by Alderspring Design

Here is the link to the sashiko grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/sashiko/

The group description says they are  "A group where new friends can share photos of Sashiko as well as learn and share together. Photos may be of completed or in progress work. You may not post patterns unless you are the artist."

When this group started a few years ago, I don't think any one expected that sashiko stitching would become so popular, and that so many people would like to meet and share sashiko projects and information. As I write this the group membership is 1775 people and growing steadily.

Hope to see you posting sashiko photos there along with the rest of us soon :-)


Susan Fletcher
Susan Fletcher


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