How to make this Japanese Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

By Susan Fletcher
Japanese furoshiki fabric gift wrapping

Wine Bottle Fabric Gift Wrap 

Japanese furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Holiday gift giving time is here and once more everyone who sews is diving deep into fabric stashes for ideas.

And discovering pieces of fabric from years past...

Really? That many years past? Wow, vintage!

Maybe use up some of those fabrics as gift wrapping this year??!

There are countless ways to make a Japanese furoshiki fabric gift wrappings.  The one I'm showing you how to make here is perfect for wrapping wine bottles, but can be used for many other upright shapes (like that liqueur bottle in the sparkly white :-D).


Japanese Furoshiki fabric gift wrapping

Here are the steps for how to do it:

Start with a square cloth.

A Lightweight thin fabric is easiest to do this with. Old silky scarves work very well.

The size you need depends on what you are wrapping. 20" x 20" is a good place to start for a wine bottle. Remember it must be square.

Japanese Furoshiki fabric wrapping wine bottle

Set your bottle in the centre of a square of fabric. I'm using a head scarf here.

Japanese Furoshiki fabric wrapping wine bottle

Bring two corners to the top and tie them snugly

Japanese Furoshiki fabric wrapping wine bottle

Gently lay the bottle and fabric flat.

Japanese Furoshiki fabric wrapping wine bottle

Bring the remaining two corners over the bottle.

Japanese Furoshiki fabric wrapping wine bottle

Then turn the bottle over and bring the two ends together on this side of it. Tie them snugly.

Japanese Furoshiki fabric wrapping wine bottle

Stand the bottle up and you are done. If the top has loosened up, untie and re-tie it. (In a pinch, you can 'tie' the top with an elastic and cover it with a ribbon - just don't say I told you to do that!)

You can 'tidy' up by tucking in the top if it is to floppy. A bit of fiddling about too tidy it will likely be needed. A chopstick or other slim tool can be useful to poke and smooth.

Every fabric will handle a bit differently depending on its weight and drape, if the one you are trying doesn't work out, try a different one!

It can take a few tries before you get the knack of this technique :-)

Once you 'get it' try the same technique to wrap other upright shapes like this:

gift wrapping with fabric

Happy gift wrapping!