New Sashiko Patches & Kokka Fabrics

by Susan Fletcher

Sashiko Patch Kit

2020! I wish you all a year of happy stitching and sewing adventures!

This is just a quick little blog to show you some new pre-printed ready to stitch sashiko designs and some new fabrics that will work well used with  them.

This kit is an excellent sashiko sampler. There are 6 sashiko designs printed on momen cotton, each 6" x 8", plus a quarter meter of wagara fabric.  Use the fabrics for mending patches or sew them into another project. The kit also includes 100 meters of sashiko thread, a pack of sashiko needles, and a leather sashiko thimble.  What it doesn't contain is much in the way of instructions, but you can find those in my other blogs here, and in many places online if you are new to sashiko stitching. 

sashiko Patch

Sashiko Patch Kit

You can also buy the packages of 6 - 6"x 8" Sashiko Patches by themselves. 

Sashiko Patch, ready to stitch pre-printed on fabric

They come in several colours, all of which will be suitable for mending, or be useful in making other projects.

Sashiko Patches

I am so excited about the texture of the fabric of these Sashiko Patches, and I've brought in some Kokka fabrics with similar textures to go with them. I took this photo with my blue jeaned leg thrown in just so you could see how well they go with blue jean denim. It's not that easy to balance while taking a photo with one leg thrown across a light table, it turns out! :-D

Kokka Fabric, indigo blues

Here is a shot of the denim blue pre-printed sashiko patch so you can see it against blue jean fabric as well. Yup, same leg.

blue jean sashiko patch kit

Talk to you again soon,

Happy Stitching


Susan Fletcher
Susan Fletcher


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