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5 Ways to transfer a Sashiko design onto fabric (3 of 5 Use the fabric's weave)

Using the grid in dyed yarn fabrics to transfer a sashiko design to fabric

 The pre-printed on fabric, ready to stitch, sashiko designs are wonderful, but limit you in designs and fabrics.  For those of you who want to go further, this is the Third blog entry for five methods you can use get a sashiko design onto a fabric of your choice!

This is the most creative idea I have for how to get a sashiko design onto fabric ready for stitching, and may be more suitable to boro sashiko stitching, but it is pretty fun to try! 

Use the grid design in a dyed yarn woven fabric, a ruler, fabric pen or chalk pencil, you can draw out a sashiko design directly onto the fabric. Refer to books on sashiko for geometric designs and inspiration.

sashiko on dyed yarn fabric

 Here is another example. I used the the squares as if they were a grid to draw the design and then decided on two stitches inside each square for each diagonal line and three stitches for the straight lines. I'd like to do this one again but with four small + in the four center squares.

sashiko designing on dyed yarn fabric

Fabrics with small grid patterns work well for simple hitomezashi (single stitch) sashiko designs, and are a no brainer for sashiko boro stitching. 

sashiko designing and stitching on dyed yarn fabric

Here is one more example of making use of the warp and weft lines in the fabric.

I can see endless options here. What if I put + on the lines between the X? We'll come back to this piece in later  blogs about sashiko and weaving. I'm excited to show you some samples of that done on dyed yarn fabrics!

sashiko stitching

 Happy Creative Stitching Adventures!


Susan Fletcher
Susan Fletcher


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