How Hand Sewing Needles are Made

By Susan Fletcher
Tulip Hiroshima Hand Sewing Needles

hand sewing needles

Having hand sewing needles on my mind this month, I came across this video showing how sewing needles are made. 

How Needles are Made

The actual footage in the factory is pretty cool to see, though the introduction is a little amusing if you have been sewing for a long time.  I suppose it was made for general public, who might need the point of hand sewing needles explained (accidental pun, but pretty good right?)

And just an added note about Tulip Needles and Mebosa Needles, both available at A Threaded needle. These needles go through an additional vertical polishing step which creates invisibly tiny up and down channels.  This means less resistance as the needle passes through your fabric, which reduces fatigue on your fingers.

Tulip Hiroshima Hand Sewing Needles

Hiroshima Tulip Needles

Mebosa hand sewing needles

Cohana Mebosa Needles 

Happy sewing.

Talk again soon, Susan