A Threaded Needle, November 2020

By Susan Fletcher
Heather making kits at A Threaded Needle

Some photographs of where your orders are filled, and who is here...actually its almost usually just me now days­čś│

but first a short "chat"

One big drawback with website shopping from my side of it, is that I am not talking to you in 'real life'. You don't see my face, and its not easy for you to 'pop back in' to tell me if something is not what it should be.

So we have to trust each other across the physical distance.

You have to trust that what I send you will be what you ordered, and that everything will be in your order, and that the quality will be what you expected.

And I have to trust you to let me know if any of those things didn't happen, trust I will believe you when you email me about it, and trust that it honestly matters to me that you are happy with the things you buy from me, and with your relationship with me, and with my website.  

What I love best about A Threaded Needle is that it lets me be part of helping other people be creative.  A Threaded Needle will always be a quite small business where it is likely to be me answering your emails, being interested in your ideas and projects, packing your orders and solving the mishaps along the way. 

Here are a few photos

This is me, with my daughter Heather, who worked here with me last summer :-) She is back at her real job now as an EA in the schools.

Susan and Heather, www.athreadedneedle.com

Here is where I am right now.  This is one side of the stockroom in Maple Ridge, and is where I spend most of my work days,

A Threaded Needle stockroom, Maple Ridge BC

Remember this woman? I still get to have the fun of working with Hanay, but we don't have quite as much fun as we did in the show booths! LOL!

Hanay cutting fabric at A Threaded Needle


┬áHere is a shot of one corner of the 'back stock room' (the tidy corner ­čśé)

threads at A Threaded Needle www.athreadedneedle.com

Even with the two rooms, my space is crowded. I am trying to finish this quilt for a throw for my sewing couch and the only place I could find to hang it so I could think about what to do to it next was over the sashiko┬á and tsumugi fabric bolt shelves. It is one of my "make it up as I go along" projects so looking at it for awhile is rather necessary ­čśÇ

dyed yarn quilt in process at A Threaded Needle