Holiday Decorating Hack

December 08, 2018

Fabric Bowl Wrap

I love this technique! It lets you make some seasonal bowls by tying a few knots in some fabric. Holidays over? Untie, wash and it's just a piece of fabric again. You can put it back in your stash! :-D

furoshiki fabric wrapping

Here's a some of tips: Start with a square, soft, lightweight, fabric. If tying the knots at the sides just isn't working for you, use a strong elastic and cover it with some ribbon!  If your fabric isn't big enough to make a handle, tuck the ends back into the knots in a 'puffy' bow, or if it looks nice, just let them fall. The trick to making these furoshiki fabric wraps is to fuss, fiddle and tidy until you like the way it looks. I like to use a chopstick or hera stick to poke in folds and edges.


Here is how to do it:

furoshiki bowl wrapping instructions

Here is another example

fabric wrapping egg bowl furoshiki

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