Hanging by a Thread: A Sewing Metaphor

By Susan Fletcher
Hanging by a Thread: A Sewing Metaphor

January 2024, another new year.

Did you start the new year with the feeling you are hanging on by a thread?

I mean, I hope not,

but I need that opening to set up the sewing metaphor I want to write about!

Hanging by a thread, a sewing metaphor

 In the 1990's, when I was beginning a Textile Arts program at a local college in Vancouver, we were asked to design a project that used a sewing related metaphor.

I made two doll bodies, both hanging by a thread. One I embellished with text and symbols of anxiety and fatigue.

The other I embellished with symbols of possibilities and resilience.

By now you know me well enough to know I can't help but wonder what I will see if I look at what I see from another angle.

This is a good creative exercise for artists and makers and for all the other humans too :-D

My metaphor was "Hanging by a thread"

So why did I make the second 'glass half full' doll?

Because she was also hanging by a thread, but she thought of that thread as an anchor that could give her the chance to keep from falling.

I suppose both shared the same amount of risk.

 Both were hanging by a thread.


hanging on by a thread or anchored by a thread?

You already know how two people can be standing in the same place and looking at the same thing, but interpret what they see very differently.

 A point of view can change everything.

 Sometimes I think life is a game called "Choose your own assumption"

 If I assume the thread will break I am paralysed by the feeling


If I assume the thread has me anchored I can look for ways to improve my situation.

 Until something more happens, either assumptions might true.

 This letter could be about how to live,

but then,

it could equally be about how to approach creative roadblocks.

(See what I did there? LOL)

Life: the game of choose your of assumptions

Kind Regards,


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