Dyed Yarn Japanese Fabrics Reference, Sept 2021

By Susan Fletcher
dyed yarn cotton fabrics

I'm writing this blog as a reference tool for my dyed yarn cotton fabric customers. 

New fabrics arrived from Japan recently and Heather and I had the (brilliant) idea to photograph them in groups so that you would be able to see them with each other in various ways on the website, and on social media.  

dyed yarn fabrics for sewing and quilting

Then it occurred to us that if I put the main colours and groups in a blog you'd have it for an ongoing reference until they are sold and the next new lots arrives!

photographing dyed yarn fabrics

So here they are. 

You will still have to search through the website for the ones you want, I can't link to them all here.

But use this link: 


I'll try to keep the colors grouped together on the website to make finding them easier.


pink dyed yarn cotton fabrics


green dyed yarn cotton fabrics

light cool taupe browns

taupe brown dyed yarn fabrics

warmer taupe red browns

taupe dyed yarn cotton sewing fabrics


brown dyed yarn cotton fabrics for sewing and quilting

fresh blues

blue yarn dyed quilting and sewing fabric

teal taupe blues

teal blue taupe yarn dyed Japanese cotton fabric

 darker blues

blue dyed yarn Japanese fabrics for quilting, sewing, clothing

some of the blacks and greys

black and gray dyed yarn cotton fabrics

taupe reds

red taupe dyed yarn cotton fabrics from Japan for sewing, clothing and quilting

cool taupe whites

white yarn dyed fabrics for sewing, clothing and quilting

 buttery yellows

yarn dyed cotton fabric, yellows, for sewing, clothing and quilting

cool lavender purples

and a few cool purple yarn dyed fabrics

There are also warm whites, chocolate browns, muddy greens, more greys, and plum purples on the website.

Here is that link again:


Talk to you again soon,