Stitch Some Sashiko Stars for Christmas

By Susan Fletcher
sashiko stars for Christmas

Sashiko Stars for Christmas

Every year I look for a new quick ornament idea that can add a bit of 'homemade' to a gift package, or be tucked into a Christmas card.

sashiko Stars for Christmas

This year the hemp leaf (asa-no-ha) Sashiko design became available preprinted on red and green fabrics and there it was! 

An easy to make Sashiko Christmas star decoration. Simply thread a Sashiko needle with Sashiko thread, stitch over the marked stitch lines and you have a star!  (The print will wash out when your stitching is finished, but you probably won't need to bother since the stitching will cover it anyway :-)

Scroll for more detail :-)

Step 1

Use a wash away fabric marker to mark the star designs you will stitch. The tips of the stars must not touch because you will need to cut them out with a seam allowance.

Note: It is best to draw around the star shape outside the printed markings that you will stitch because the pen will make it so you can't see the stitches!

Step 2

Sashiko stitch. I like to do the outline first and then the inside lines.

Step 3

Cut out each star being careful to leave enough seam allowance for sewing (about 1/4" to 3/8").  You will need two for each star.  I'd say its up to you if both sides are stitched :-)

Step 4

Lay 2 of the stars together with their right sides together and match the outer Sashiko stitching line carefully. Pin in a few places to be sure the stitched lines stay matched as you sew around the star.  Sew close to (not on) the outline star shape. You can do this on your sewing machine or by hand.  Leave an opening for turning.

sashiko stars

Step 5 

Trim excess fabric being careful not to cut through any stitching. Turn right side out and stuff. (I used recycled polyester toy stuffing from an old (clean) toy because that was easier than finding a whole bag to buy when I only needed a few handfuls). 

For a variation you could fill the star with rice and maybe something Christmas scented and have a weighted star for table decorating.

Step 6

Stitch up the opening, then add a bit of ribbon for hanging (or not) :-D

Happy Christmas making!


PS. You can make navy and off white stars from the pre-printed navy and off white Sashiko fabrics too.  Like an earthy look? Try stitching brown or grey on off white. Like some sparkle? There is a new Lamé Sashiko thread coming soon- I have it ordered for A Threaded Needle website and it shipped today- so soon...