Boro Group on Facebook

By Susan Fletcher
Boro Sashiko Stitching Slippers

I was just thinking about the Boro group I belong to on facebook and how inspiring it is, and it occurred to me I should tell you about it so the photos that are posted there can be inspiring to you too :-D

boro stitched book cover

Boro (the group) explains itself as "A journal to showcase heavily and rudely patched and mended garments and domestic textiles." It goes on to say that "Boro is not a method, it's an inspiring folk tradition of respecting, reusing, saving and stitching..."  

boro sashiko

Although Boro is the Japanese name for this type of mending, stitching, reinforcing and extending the life of used fabric, every culture has this practice in it's textile history. Before fabric was mass produced by industrialized manufacturers, it was far too work intensive to make, and too important to the well-being of families, for it to be thrown out before there was nothing left that could be saved and used.

boro stitched book cover

The facebook group is a closed group so you will need to request to join if you want to share your own Boro stitched photos, but if you are interested in Japanese stitching and textiles practices, hand stitching, slow stitching, traditional and country textile practices, or are just curious to see how Boro is being done in the 21st century, go take a look.

This is the moderator's remarks regarding membership:  "This group is not intended to be for traditional Japanese Boro only. Please feel free to post your contemporary versions of Boro. Is it Boro? Isn't it Boro? It is all open to interpretation, and an explanation with your posts, may help others to see the Boro inspired relevance.

This group does NOT encourage business Facebook page advertising unless there is a relevance to Boro, AND a request is made to ADMIN, prior to posting the page link. Enjoy Boro!!

Talk to you soon,