Beautiful Tools

By Susan Fletcher
Beautiful Tools

Today I read this:

"When you find something you like, take good care of it and use it for a long time"

This is an idea I love very much.

I prefer to have around me objects that have stories. You have heard me talk about this before, when I am going on about why making matters, and the value of having around ourselves things which are made by people we know, and by ourselves. 

It keeps our spirits comforted and healthy. Or another way to say that is, it keeps us feeling grounded and connected. 

Our tools also should have stories, and that can only happen when they have the quality to last long enough to acquire the stories. 

Use, and life, and maybe mishap must happen :-)

Here are some photos of beautiful tools. 

tiny cohana scissors

 The tiniest scissors I ever saw, with polished wood finger pads and a leather pouch!

sashiko needles

Sashiko needles in their own wood vial with snug cap. These needles are intended for sashiko stitching curves and finer sashiko designs.

iron button paperweights

I'm very taken with these giant iron button paperweights or pen or small scissor holder.

needle minder and Cohana hand made  glass head pins

These glass head pins have their own story, they are individually made and you can see the discolouring on the metal from the heat when the glass head was applied. The button is magnetic needle minder.

magnetic needle & pin pottery spool catcher

And this magnetic pottery spool that catches pins and needles inside and out. 

I have been enjoying discovering these little tools and the stories about where they were made and what inspired them.

 Where I can I am putting those stories on the website with them for you to read. And/or buy.

I hope you have tools your are fond of, tools that have stories to tell. 

Kind regards