Things You Can Do with the Pre Printed Sashiko Linked Circles Design

By Susan Fletcher
Things You Can Do with the Pre Printed Sashiko Linked Circles Design

Linked Circles is also called Linked Flowers and also called Seven treasures of Buddha. I tried to find out what the seven treasures are, but there are too many opinions for me to decide what I think is accurate. They may be character attributes (patience, honesty..) or they may be jewels and minerals or maybe something else :-D

Whatever they are, here is the bolt of pre printed sashiko cotton fabric, and here are some things you can do with it.

pre printed sashiko fabric by the meter

If you read to the bottom of the other entry about pre printed flax leaf fabric, you know you can cut through your stitched fabric like you would any other fabric, to sew it in your projects. Here is the Kitchen Garden Bag (pattern by Charlie's Aunt) made after I stitched a piece of this fabric.  I appliqued some of the ovals with the same Wagara fabric I used for the top area of the bag. 

 purse made with pre printed sashiko

You can see in the bag photo that I had stiitched the curved and straight lines, but in the next sample I washed out the straight lines (After stitching the curves!)

sashiko pre printed fabric stitched

Since I had a nice rectangle when I was done this sample, I added some padding and backing, put a binding around it and called it a table mat.  

But then

I had an idea

so I folded it in half, added a zipper to the top and a wrist strap to the end of the zipper and

Ta Da!

I had an ipad protector!

sashiko pre printed fabric

Here are a couple more samples of designs I found in the linked circle pre printed fabric.  You can see I'm still hooked on putting applique in some areas!

pre printed sashiko fabric

This is what happens if you stitch longer curves.

sashiko fabric

And one more thing you can do to have multiple design options from one pre printed sashiko design, use more than one color thread to separate the designs. I have been particularly enjoying using red and white together.

If you look back at the original full pre print you can see where the squares and dots come from in this sample, even though the pre print is of circles.  


 Now it's your turn :-)

Have fun,